class levels

Lighthouse Yoga utilize practices and techniques from a broad spectrum of Yoga schools and styles, refers to a solid foundation of anatomy and western science to assist people to gain Yoga skills to improve multiple aspects of their lives, not just physical fitness.

Our classes are mainly movement based including poses to increase strength, flexibility, and balance. Achieving good spine and functional movement to be pain-free in everyday life is paramount focus of Yoga poses.



  • Classes are taught in three levels beginners, level 1 and level 2.
  • Beginner’s classes are mainly stretch based classes, that build body awareness, skill in fundamental movements.
  • Higher level classes spend more time in standing and balancing poses.
    • Level 1 introduces more classical poses.
    • Level 2 requires good body-mind connection, strength and agility.

Guided relaxations are drawn from various styles of Yoga and rotated throughout the year.
Breathing exercises develop and feature to maintain good respiratory health.
Meditations from various different Yoga and spiritual practices are presented throughout the year.

1:15 hour class

A good start class for beginners or those wanting a more floor-based stretching class. Learn safe stretches and strengthening poses for back health, improving posture and releasing tension. Also, relaxation and breathing techniques for calming the mind.

level 1
1:15 hour class

In addition to stretches for spine health learn more poses that address multiple areas simultaneously including standing poses. Build on basic relaxation and breathing techniques. 6 month prior experience in beginner class is required.

level 2
1:15 hour class

Assuming good body-mind connection these classes link many poses into sequences to flow meditatively. They include more complex poses and functional agile strength is emphasized. 1 years’ experience at level 1 is required.

introductory courses
(5 weeks)
1 hour class

Learning the fundamentals of doing yoga poses including: essential movements for spine health; methods of stretching strengthening, protection of joints and safe practices; and a number of relaxation and meditation techniques.

workshops (themed)
2 hour class

Dedicated time to delve more deeply into a topic so you can to increase the effectiveness of your practice. With explanations to broaden your yoga knowledge and plenty of time to ask questions, explore and increase your skill set. Schedule to be set soon. If there's a topic you would like to know more on let me know!

private session

Cover a variety of topics including: postural and movement pattern assessment for guidance on improving flexibility and core strength; healthy lifestyle assessment to provide guidance and support in making lasting changes in areas impacting your overall health; relaxation; stress management and more.