about us: studio

The broad system of Yoga has much to offer and to be most helpful for western bodies and minds, we believe some adaptations to traditional practices and assumptions are necessary. The practice of Yoga techniques whether in movement or stillness is enjoyable in a group, and with individual instructions to assist each person, they can best achieve the full benefits of techniques.

At Lighthouse Yoga we believe in quality teaching and a supportive learning environment, and understand that ‘one size does not fit all’. This requires teachers with solid wide-ranging knowledge of the Yoga system, an open relationship between teachers and ‘students’, and a collective trusting relationship between all participants. At Lighthouse Yoga we aim to facilitate personal and community growth in a friendly environment; serious whilst not taking ourselves too seriously.

◊ The primary service is teaching through general on-going classes ranging over 3 levels – beginners, level 1 and level 2.
◊ Ante-natal and post-natal classes are specialist classes for defined periods in a woman’s life.
◊ One-on-one private sessions, which support the general classes are offered on a variety of topics including; assessment and guidance on improving flexibility and core strength; healthy lifestyle assessment, and guidance to make lasting changes in lifestyle to improve overall health; relaxation and stress management; and more. 

Class styles:
Classes could be described as combination of corrective stretching and strengthening movements, and series of poses linked in a ‘slow flow’. Guided relaxations and simple meditations are included for each class, and are varied over time.
Establishing functional movement and safety are paramount to Shannan’s teaching of poses and sequences. Technical detail and preliminary poses are given to enable progression to ‘classical’ poses. Time to feel and respond to each individual’s needs is allocated, and each student is guided to which is the best form of the pose for them.

Though sequences of poses are taught, and generally participants are doing the same poses together, these classes are programmed to allow for individuals to address muscle imbalances and work at an appropriate level of pose for safe progression. This progressive teaching is given priority over keeping a group moving together, which aligns with our aim of being educators, respecting the path of skill development and people’s ability to make choices for themselves.