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exeter sa
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ph. 0422 063 795
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one - on - one sessions

postural correction

one-on-one therapeutic session for injuries and/or postural problems

specific hands-on assistance for:
poor posture
muscular pain
back, neck and shoulder problems


starting with a postural and stabilising muscle assessments,
an individualised stretching and strengthening
program is devised for home practice


"Corrective stretching is needed when you have a muscle imbalance and joint restriction that could potentailly increase the risk of injury during exercise. This stretching corrects shortened tonic muscles and is essential for any form of strenuous exercise, or activity that may be hindered by muscle length imbalances

When you perform any exercise with altered muscle length, and/or muscle imbalances, your nervous system compensates for this imbalance. The long term results is development of faulty movement patterns that may lead to injury during or because of exercise"

Paul Chek 'The Golf Biomechanics Manual'

contact shannan

0422 063 795


postural assesment session $70 per hour

therapeutic programs write up $30

subsequent training/re-evaluation sessions $50 per hour
minimum session 1/2 hour


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